Why should we prioritize energy independence?

Electricity is such a unique discovery that has changed the meaning of life on the planet. We have been using it to maintain and facilitate our lives and communities. For decades, it has been the key component to modern technology, and without it, most of the things that we use every day simply could not work and would never have been created. We realize the importance of electricity in our life whenever we encounter load shedding. 

Power outages and high electricity bills dread us all. We have switched to generators and UPS to solve this problem for us, but they are too noisy and inefficient for this cause. They also have a small life span, and continuous replacements make backups really expensive. 

Energy independence is a concept of energy security that promises to free us all from such worries. This means that we don’t have to worry about the high electricity bills in any season, whether its summers or winters. We can enjoy air conditioning, central heating, and usage of other appliances without the stress of light going out or high utility bills. 

Energy independence is enormously beneficial for everyone. It offers economic freedom through more employment opportunities along with environmental advantages. The most efficient way of switching to energy independence is through solar energy. Solar power has been adopted globally for multiple reasons, including grid independence, adoption of clean energy, net-metering, and lower electricity bills. Along with the economic benefits, it plays a significant role in global warming and climate change. 

Savings from high electricity bills allow you to invest in other necessities such as higher education, properties, automobiles, and better health care. Solar energy gives the chance to take ownership of your energy production and consumption. It also reduces grid reliance immensely! 

SkyElectric provides the world’s smartest solar system with its integrated energy backup unit. It is operated with AI-based technology and also offers net-metering. Net-metering allows consumers to sell the excess solar energy units back to the grid. 

SkyElectric’s Artificial intelligence-based SmartFlow oversees and analyses the future trends of grid availability, tariff structures, solar irradiance levels, local load, and energy storage levels to compute and run a Power Management Plan. Its AI-based technology then makes sure to store enough energy in its Li-Ion batteries for consumption at night and sells the extra energy as well. It is programmed to reach the goal of the highest availability of energy and at the cheapest rates. 

Pakistan’s continued investment in fossil fuels will end up hurting the national economy and environmental stability. It is important to remember that energy independence can only be effective with renewable sustainable energy. Fossil fuel reservoirs will run out in the future. There is no backup plan for that. Thus it can never be equalized to energy independence and can only be claimed as a temporary solution to a permanent problem. 

In order to battle climate change while working towards energy independence, Pakistan must reduce demand for fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower. A large-scale switch to this sort of energy would come with the same benefits as fossils-fueled energy independence. Though it will require large investments in place of more established energy like oil and natural gas, renewable energy is the best way to ensure long-term energy stability at home and around the world.

SkyElectric Smart Solar plus Storage System has the capability to power up your homes and commercial units without being affected by the rising tariffs. For more information, contact us at https://www.skyelectric.com/contact/

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