Along with being environmentally friendly, the use of an appropriately sized solar power system can dramatically reduce your electricity bill. And this is why an increasing number of people are opting for solar power these days. The savings you make depend on the amount of energy that your solar energy system generates.

Net-metering is a feature in solar energy solutions that can reduce electricity bills by exporting the excess solar PV production during daytime back to the grid. The exported units then net off the imported units, which results in lower electricity consumption from the grid. 


Most of the rooftop solar system users face a generation-consumption mismatch, where the bulk of the solar PV generation happens in a time window (typically between 10 am and 2 pm) when the consumption is very low. This mismatch can result in wastage unless this excess energy is not stored in batteries or fed to the grid. The exported units can then offset the increased grid consumption (imports) in after-sun hours when there is no solar production and the running loads on the grid are high. 


1- Reduces Your Electricity Bills

An export-enabled solar energy system can reduce your electricity bills significantly. It sells the excess energy back to the grid and cuts down electricity bills. It is a billing mechanism that enables a quicker return on investment in solar energy investment.

2- Contributes to the National Grid

Net-metered solar systems can become an inexpensive source of green energy for grid managers. In effect, the Government gets to have these mini solar power plants without having to make any capital investment in power generation infrastructure and without offering any sovereign guarantees. This results in huge fiscal and forex savings for the Government. 

3- Encourages Investment in the Industry

Net-metering adds substantial value to the rooftop solar systems making them more viable through a reduced investment payback period. This drives more investment in the solar business which creates more jobs for engineers, installers, researchers, electricians, and manufacturers. 


With the importance of net-metering established, it is important to understand that not all solar energy solutions available out there are equal. The benefits of net-metering can be maximized through intelligent data-driven solar systems. 

SkyElectric Smart Solar plus Storage System efficiently plans and manages power and takes the most economic decision for the customer. The system automatically receives tariff and policy information through SkyElectric cloud, the SmartFlow then schedules charging and discharging cycles for the lowest energy bills. Moreover, SkyElectric Smart Solar System is also enabled to do evening time export of electricity through its efficient lithium-ion batteries. 

Lastly, the hybrid nature of SkyElectric systems makes them less susceptible to changes in the Government’s net-metering policy, as compared to battery-less systems (commonly referred to as grid-tied systems). The lithium-ion battery bank not only increases the self-consumption of solar energy (avoiding export at lower tariff) but can also help offset the peak tariff units which are always charged at a higher rate.  

The Alternative Energy Development Board has upgraded SkyElectric Pvt Ltd. to the highest (V-1) category, allowing net-metering for larger solar systems with up to 1 Mega-Watt of energy. There are 2000+ homes in Pakistan that have invested in SkyElectric Smart Solar plus Storage Systems and are saving on their high electricity bills every month.

Implementing net-metering can be a time-consuming process for small-scale vendors, however, SkyElectric has a specialized department that handles net-metering, hence making the installation process convenient and seamless.

One can maximize their returns from net-metering by switching to solar with SkyElectric right away. The sooner you go for solar and produce your own electricity, the sooner you can limit your energy consumption from the grid and start selling back to it. Become a power producer today!

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